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We provide a Data Protection Act 1998 Section 55 compliant, tracing for locating gone aways, providing two levels of service:

Sometimes, an initial search of common standard data sources is all that is required to provide a high degree of  success. This service is very successful at locating subjects who may not necessarily have absconded, for example, lost friends, relatives or benefactors, or for the less savvy absconder.

Alternatively, this can be used where a fast turnaround is required.

This is, typically, the only level of tracing provided by most tracing agencies.

This is where we feel we provide a more thorough and consequently successful service for tracing, typically, deliberate absconders.

We will as a matter of course conduct an Initial Trace as above and where this does not return a confirmed address we use any information obtained to contribute to a thorough investigation into the subject’s past movements and associations. Often this results in the emphasis of the search shifting away from the subject.

We recently successfully traced a debtor (with a substantial judgement). Our client had used (at least) 3 different tracing agents to locate the individual without success (we believe they were using standard database searches i.e. put a name into a search and see what is returned). We were able to trace the individual concerned to an address and provide verification of his residency.

Please note that overall trace success, and the time taken to achieve a positive outcome, is strongly influenced by the nature and quality of information you supply to us about the subject.

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